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If you are an entrepreneur interested in purchasing an existing business, you can search our platform by region or economic sector.

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Annie and Mathieu held management positions for several years. They want to continue to exercise their leadership skills, but differently. They decided to open a business, Brûlerie Munro in Haut-Shippagan. After tasting entrepreneurship, they were hooked. They wanted other projects, something that went well with a good coffee! By chance they heard that a major enterprise in Shippagan, Librairie Pélagie, was for sale. With a good coffee in hand and all the enthusiasm you could wish for from two entrepreneurs, Annie and Mathieu launched into the process of buying the business. They signed up on the SME Succession Hub platform, marking the start of a new adventure.
Omkar Bhojani's story
Omkar is a born entrepreneur who has always dreamed of being the sole owner of a business. For the past few years, he and a partner have been running a convenience store and an Alcool NB Liquor store.
Olivier Devaux's journey as a business owner began a few years ago. After a few attempts to purchase a business he finally succeeded in buying Décor Unique (formerly Monsieur Draperies Ltée). Many factors helped Olivier achieve his goal of purchasing Monsieur Draperies Ltée, and SME Succession Hub was clearly a key resource. The virtual seller/buyer matchmaking platform helped Olivier connect with the right business and facilitated the process of approaching the owner.

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    A match or a potential agreement between buyers and sellers

    If a match is found or a serious agreement seems feasible, an SMESH agent will inform the buyer and the seller and will put them in touch so they can continue the transfer process.

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